The Easy Cat Eye: A Stress-Free Way to Get Winged Eyeliner

Augusta Falletta
cat eye makeup


There are three ways to tell a girl is on top of her beauty game. The first is her ability to do a fishtail braid, the second is her ability to contour her face, and the third is her ability to not only apply a cat eye, but also to make the wings of her eyeliner even. Sure, these techniques may sound easy (and you’ve likely got a Pinterest board dedicated to them) but rest assured, nailing them down is no easy task.

Putting the fishtail and contouring aside for a minute, we’re focusing on getting the cat eye — in the easiest way possible. Beginners, don’t be swayed into attempting this makeup with liquid liner your first time out of the gate. (Seriously, experts practically use magic to get winged, liquid liner just right). To help you learn exactly what it takes to get a cat eye, we’ve broken it down into simple, easy steps. Take a peek, attempt the look, and enjoy the compliments that will no doubt flow in when you’ve nailed the cat eye.

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What You’ll Need: 

  • Dark Eyeshadow (black, brown, or navy blue work best)
  • Angled Eyeshadow Brush
  • Water

Step 1: Take your angled eyeshadow brush and dampen it just a bit, shaking off excess water.
Step 2: Dip the brush into your eyeshadow. Tap off or wipe off excess on the back of your hand.
Step 3: With the longest part of the brush facing your temple, place the brush on the outer corner of your eye, just above your lash line and slightly angled up towards the outer edge of your eyebrow. This will be the template for your wing, and envision it as a “flick” motion.
Step 4: Just underneath the wing you just created, use the brush to create a thicker wing, going from the outermost part of the wing in towards your eye, meeting your lower lash line. When you’re done, it should look like you drew a tiny, thin triangle on the outside of your eye.
Step 5: If necessary, get a bit more eyeshadow onto your brush, then fill in the wing with shadow. Once it’s solid, extend the line along the upper lash line to the inner corner of your eye. Voila!