Beauty Recipe: The Five Minute Bun

easy bun hairstyle


Don’t get us wrong, a lot of times we truly enjoy taking the time to apply a full face of makeup or do an intricate hairstyle, but for days when we’re lucky if we even roll out of bed on time, we like to keep things low-maintenance. Busy schedules and late nights don’t always allow for a Hollywood-worthy routine in the morning, so it’s nice to have a mental archive of quick tricks and styles to help get us through those kinds of days. Enter: The Five Minute Bun, otherwise known as your new best friend. This style is so easy to execute it almost defies the laws of beauty. To help you get this simple and chic look, follow our step-by-step guide below.

Flat Iron: On dry hair, run a flat iron from root to tip. Adjust the heat setting so that it’s quite warm (but not too hot!) in order to expedite the process. Be sure to iron out all kinks and waves so that your hair is as straight as possible.

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Elastic: Bring your hair down into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck, being sure that the hair is pulled taught against the scalp. If you notice any bumps, go through with a comb and smooth them out. When you’re finished, wrap a hair elastic around the ponytail and pull tightly.

Bobby Pins: Twist the ponytail all the way down to the ends, bring it up towards the hair elastic, and create a chignon by wrapping the hair around the elastic. Pin the bun in place, then start pulling at it so that it loosens up and some pieces start to come undone. Add more bobby pins as you see fit, but remember that the idea is for the bun to look low maintenance.

Hairspray: When you’re done, spray the top of your hair with hairspray and use your hands to smooth the style in place. Voilà! A five-minute — or less! — bun.