Easter Nail Art: Use Three Colors For the Cutest Manicure

Augusta Falletta
easter nail art

Courtesy Image

Besides the Peeps, our favorite part of Easter is the nail art. From eggs to chicks to cute pastel colors, Easter nail art is as cute as your tips will ever get. This year, manicurist Jin Soon Choi decided to create the above nail art with fun bright and pastel colors, and you can recreate the look with her steps below!

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What You’ll Need: 
Jin Soon Dolly Pink
Jin Soon Poppy Blue
Formula X Seismic (Orange)

Step 1: File and shape your nails into a squared oval shape.
Step 2: Apply a base coat to your nails.
Step 3: Apply two coats of pink polish to your entire nail.
Step 4: Apply blue polish about two thirds down on your nail up to the tip, creating a few curved lines and then painting in the entire area to the tip.
Step 5: The same way you applied the blue, apply orange about one third of the way down on your nail, filling in the tip with orange.
Step 6: Finish with a high gloss top coat and enjoy your Easter nails!