The Crazy New Cosmetic Surgery Trend Women Are Trying

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

It’s like a scene out of “Mean Girls” with women standing in front of a mirror critiquing their looks and complaining about various beauty issues: “My hips are huge, I hate my calves, my nail beds suck.” Well now there’s a new body part to start hating about yourself: your ear lobes.

According to the Daily Mail, plastic surgery offices are seeing a rise in ear lobe treatments. Yes, there’s a cosmetic treatment out there to lift sagging ear lobes, and women are flocking to have it done.

To give the appearance of more youthful ears, doctors inject lobes with a filler, like  Juvederm or Restylane, which plumps up the ear lobe so it doesn’t droop. The real problem with this kind of treatment is it forces those of us who have never noticed our ears before to take a second look.

Would you ever consider a treatment like this?

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