Must-Watch Videos That Make Learning How to Dutch Braid A Really Simple Process

Victoria Moorhouse

The phrase “watch and learn” directly corresponds to braiding. It’s kind of remarkable how much easier passing section after sections of hair, over and under each other and from side to side, gets when your eyes clamp sight of someone doing it. That’s where YouTube tutorials win, especially when it comes to creating lesser known versions like the Dutch braid, the 5-strand braid, and all those cool combos in-between. These mini segments allow the hairstylist to vocally walk you through each move, filling you in on the troubles you may face and how to avoid problems that inevitably occur (like hair slipping and sliding and falling out of place) along the way. Much like the French Braid, the Dutch braid is a plait that’s created by adding in strands while you braid. But instead of crossing the new hair over, you’re passing it from side to side underneath. It sounds complicated and takes some concentration, but watching someone do it first makes this WAY easier. The 5 YouTube tutorials below, all which feature a different take on the Dutch braid, might do the trick.

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In this video, Abby Smith shows you how to create a Dutch side braid that starts along your hair line. It’s a good option to try when you’re kicking off your Dutch braiding attempts because it only deals with a tiny section of hair that, after braided, is pinned back and resembles a headband. Because it starts at the hair line on the side of your hair, you’re only Dutch braiding for a few passes before transitioning back into the regular old braid. The rest of your hair will be left down and wavy.

Braid pro Missy Sue brings you a messy bun that features two dutch braids on both sides of the head. She moves very slow so that you can follow where each strand lands in the plait. She even walks you through how she achieves that messy bun—a deconstructed do we’re constantly trying to get get right.

All you ‘Frozen’ lovers still trying to mimic Elsa’s braid will appreciate the DIY below. Starting with a Dutch braid up top, this beauty vlogger transitions her braid into a fishtail braid on the side and then “pancakes” the braid out to make it appear fuller and thicker.

Another simple take on the Dutch braid, this tutorial by Zoella will walk you through the step-by-step technique, which features an extremely thin braid on the side of the head, and then even show you how to curl your super long locks with a straightening iron. Prom inspo, anyone?

Ready for another “fake it til you make it” hairdo? Take a break on your undercut braiding and try a faux-hawk that this hairstylist created with one single Dutch braid that’s then loosened up and paired with a voluminous pompadour-like feature at the roots.

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