Don’t Cut Your Bangs Under Quarantine–Unless You’re Dua Lipa

Elizabeth Denton
Don’t Cut Your Bangs Under Quarantine–Unless You’re Dua Lipa
Photo: Shutterstock.

While you’re home, washing your hands and trying not to touch your face, it can be tempting to do something a little crazy to your hair. You might have a little too much time on your hands. If you’re dying to try something, anything, maybe don’t even look at Dua Lipa’s bangs. Seriously. They’re so good, they might just inspire you to break out the scissors (don’t). We don’t know if the pop star got new fringe pre-quarantine or she had a friend over to help or she cut them herself but they’re a fresh change you might want to copy.

Lipa is known for her creative beauty looks almost as much as her catchy songs. Her two-toned hair has become a huge trend as of late, with everyone including Jennifer Lopez and Brittany Xavier going for chunky, 2000s-style highlights. Lipa has taken her contrasting hair to the next level though with the top and front totally blonde and the back and underneath still dark. It’s an especially cool look when she puts it into a ponytail.

Well, while under quarantine like everyone else, Lipa switched up her hair from early-2000s to totally now. She usually pulls down two front pieces for a retro look, but she traded that look in for blunt bangs. She showed her ‘do off on Instagram with a glass on wine in her hand and the caption “the new normal.”

It’s a full, brow-grazing fringe but still light and airy with shorter layers throughout. It’s an easy way to try bangs without going too drastic. They’ll grow in beautifully and she’ll be able just to sweep them into the rest of her hair. Of course, there’s a chance they’re faux but they look really real to us. If you’re wanting to steal her look, put down the scissors and save her photo for as soon as salons open back up.