15 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Dry Shampoo

Sable Yong
Getty Images / Dmitriy Shironosov

Getty Images / Dmitriy Shironosov

For many of us, dry shampoo is a godsend. It’s our savior for hitting snooze one too many times, or when we’re on a hair washing hiatus after a coloring session or we’re simply trying to prolong a blowout. For others, dry shampoo might be one of those “just in case” items that we have around but rarely ever actually use. While lots of people are preoccupied concocting all sorts of DIY recipes for natural or alternative dry shampoos, we’ve gathered as many dry shampoo tricks as we could to get the most bang out of our dry shampoo bucks.

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1. Other than sopping up grease, dry shampoo also volumizes your hair and gives you that perfectly gritty body and texture of second-day hair. TONI&GUY US Celebrity Stylist, Christian Wood, swears by dry shampoo as the perfect texturizer—”Spray throughout styled waves or a fresh blow out and it will help break up the hair, add volume, and give the look an edge without weighing the hair down.” Something to live by, if you’re one of those types who hates squeaky clean hair.

2. If you hate the weight or sticky feel of hairspray, you can sub in dry shampoo before you style to give your hair some grip to hold onto itself. This comes in especially handy with braiding. Wood says, “Spraying all over the hair before braiding gives a matte non-slip texture to the hair, making braids easier to style and gives a gentle hold. For additional texture, use your fingers and rub the hair after braiding.”

3. Bobby pins always slipping out? Spritz the hair with a bit of dry shampoo and it should lock that pin in place.

4. If your bangs are pulling a Lydia Deetz on your forehead in the muggy heat, lightly spray the underside of your bangs with dry shampoo and they won’t stick to your forehead.

5. If you’re blonde and waited a bit too long to get your roots touched-up, a color-coordinated dry shampoo sprayed on your roots  can conceal them a bit.

6. Consider dry shampoo for a hair reboot. You know how if you want to switch your part, or can’t get your hair to sleek down after an updo? Spraying dry shampoo near the roots where your part was will give your hair a bit of flexibility so you can mold it into a different style without the tell-tale cowlicks.

7. Curling your hair always looks great maybe a couple hours afterwards, especially if you go a little too hot and too long with the curling iron and end up with Shirley Temple ringlets instead of loose open curls. Well, we can’t speak to your choice in barrel size, but one way to make your curls look more spontaneous is to evenly spray them with dry shampoo, which encourages them to separate and look more piece-y than stuck together in one big curl clump.

8. Temporarily tint your hair or give yourself highlights with colored dry shampoo. You can spray strands with a dry shampoo made for a hair color similar to yours, but just slightly lighter in hue to give some added color dimension.

9. Overdo it with shine spray, hair oil or hairspray that leaves a sheen? Dry shampoo that sucker and it’ll matte down the texture so your hair doesn’t look as greasy.

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10. Using a color-less dry shampoo, you can pre-treat a targeted oil stain on your clothes with dry shampoo to sop up the oil and grease as much as possible before chucking it in the wash to delete the oil spot.

11. To wake up with some authentic bedhead texture, spray dry shampoo on hair before you go to bed and either braid or wrap your hair loosely in a bun—you’ll wake up with amazing body and texture.

12. An easy way to “naturally” volumize your hair is to use dry shampoo on damp hair. Wait until your hair is nearly dry and when it’s still 15% damp, spray dry shampoo eveningly on the length and ends and it’ll create a layer on the strands, fattening them up to appear thick and more voluminous.

13. Dry shampoo can be used as a form of odor-eaters in a pinch. If your sneakers or flats are a bit ripe with sweat, spray some dry shampoo in them and leave them overnight to sop up the oil and sweat—they’ll smell like flower in the AM.

14. If you think your brows could use a bit of plumping up, spraying a bit of dry shampoo on your finger and brushing your brows up will make them look more voluminous and bushy. If you use colored dry shampoo the same color as your brows, that counts as definition too.

15. You can use dry shampoo the way rock-climbers use chalk on their hands… but for something with less stakes. Like yoga, for instance. If your hands are sweaty and you need a bit of grip, spray some on your hands and rub them together. Insta-grip.