You’re Doing It Wrong: Dry Shampoo

Megan Segura



Remember when dry shampoo first became popular? It was like the godsend we didn’t know we were waiting for. Finally a product that allowed us to skip showers without having the world know how lazy we are! You could practically hear the scalps of oily-haired girls rejoicing. Unfortunately, we’ve taken things a bit far. We’re misusing the product, and our hair is paying the price.

When I went to visit Nunzio Saviano‘s salon for a new cut, he took one look at my hair and asked, “How often are you using dry shampoo?” Apparently my dull color and rough texture were telltale signs that I’d been hitting the bottle a little too often.

Since my hair is pretty thick and incredibly hard to dry, I tend to wash it once every five days. To make the shampoo last, I spray a little dry shampoo onto my roots every morning. This, according to Saviano, is far too often. “You should only get a day out of your dry shampoo, and then wash,” he says.

So why should dry shampoo be used so sparingly? As Saviano points out, it’s not just baby powder inside those aerosol cans. Tons of chemicals are being sprayed onto your scalp, which clog the pores and don’t let the scalp breathe. Think of it like nail polish. If you’re wearing nail color 24/7, you’re not letting your nails get any oxygen, which is why they can turn yellow. Scalps should be allowed to breathe as well.

To use dry shampoo correctly, only use on your last day of a blowout, and make sure to shampoo it out the following day.

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