Dry Conditioner: The Very Important Sister of Dry Shampoo

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Just when you thought that dry shampoo was the end-all-be-all on-the-go product, we’d like to introduce you to its sister, dry conditioner. While dry shampoo is a total lifesaver for limp, oily roots, it also leaves behind that sort of gritty texture (which is great for adding volume and oomph, but not great for ladies who desire soft, shiny hair). That’s where dry conditioner comes in.

Although labeled dry conditioner, there’s nothing “dry” about it. Instead, it gives the results that normal conditioner would like soft, silky ends and less frizz. It’s especially awesome for those moments in between classes or on the run when you realize that your hair is looking especially brittle or dry and you wish there was something you could do to bring your hair back to life. Thankfully, your wish is dry conditioner’s command.

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One thing to remember about dry conditioner is that shouldn’t be applied like dry shampoo. Focusing the spray on your roots will weigh hair down and take any of that hard-earned volume away.  Your best bet is to keep your focus at the mid-lengths and below, because while dry shampoo works to absorb excess oil in the roots, dry conditioner will work to rehydrate your lengths, the same way regular shampoo and conditioner work as a team. Lightly spray hair, remembering to shake the can so that there isn’t any product build-up. Style as you normally would after applying and go about your day looking like a more well-coiffed, slightly better version of yourself.

For ladies with thinner hair, use this product sparingly. Some users with thin hair have complained about their hair feeling too “stringy” or greasy, so it’s best to be light-handed with your can of dry conditioner. Girls with thicker hair will absorb the product better and reap the benefits of a spray-on conditioner to a higher degree.

If you’re thinking about venturing into the world of dry conditioner, we recommend Oscar Blandi Pronto Conditioner for a refreshing spray of vitamins and oils to revive your hair. Another fan favorite is Pureology’s Fresh Approach Dry Conditioner, which is even safe on color-treated hair. For a more wallet-friendly option, we like Christophe’s Dry Styling Conditioner.

Happy conditioning!