This Coveted Drunk Elephant Serum Known For Making Skin ‘Velvety Smooth’ Is on Rare Sale—For Now

Summer Cartwright
This Coveted Drunk Elephant Serum Known For Making Skin ‘Velvety Smooth’ Is on Rare Sale—For Now
Photo: Image: Drunk Elephant, Adobe. Design: Sasha Purdy / StyleCaster

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You’re probably more than familiar with Sephora and Ulta—if you’re like me, you stop at one of those beauty havens at least once a week—but there’s another skincare and makeup destination overseas that shoppers love just as much, and it’s growing in popularity here, too. Space NK is the one-stop shop for everything skincare and beauty, the London apothecary is known for its high-end selection and extraordinary sales just as well. In fact, one of these big savings events is happening right now.

Space NK’s mid-season sale is upon us, and so many incredible brands, including the ones that hardly ever drop their prices, are discounted. Among them: Drunk Elephant.

The brand known and loved for its fast-acting skincare products has a reputation for being equal parts life-changing and expensive. The problem with items that are both popular and effective is that they usually always stay full price. That’s business, baby. But, the mid-season sale has a select few Drunk Elephant staples at a 25 percent discount, like its coveted glycolic acid night serum.

Skincare fanatics know that this serum is no joke. The gel is designed to combat acne, oily pores and wrinkles. It’s a skin-smoothing savior that evens out bumpy texture or uneven skin tones as if it were an easy task.

“Before this, I was buying acne-targeted products which either didn’t work or made it worse. I honestly can’t get over how much this has improved my skin,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “I stopped using it over Christmas because I left it at home whilst staying away and my skin started to kick off. The moment I came home and started using it again, cleared up a treat. Definitely worth the price tag.”

Usually, the serum costs $134, but today you can shop it now for $100.

Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Courtesy of Drunk Elephant.

Packed to the brim with AHAs and BHAs (exfoliants like salicylic acid and glycolic acid that strip away dirt, oil and dead skin cells) this fast-acting serum washes away all the gunk from your face and inside your pores to help improve texture and tone. This is the kind of night product that combats basically every skin woe out there, including wrinkles and fine lines.

“This product has completely overhauled my skin!!! I had adult acne for the entirety of my twenties and now it’s cured.” exclaimed one reviewer. “I’ve been using this product at night and my scars are starting to fade and heal, and are becoming less and less noticeable. Also leaves my skin feeling baby soft the following morning.”

Along with its own skin-saving abilities, one special characteristic of this serum is its ability to help other products be more impactful, too. Since the Drunk Elephant serum cleanses skin so deeply, it essentially clears the path of other products, like vitamin C serums and hyaluronic acids, to penetrate deeper and more efficiently. You basically get serum and a serum support system all in one.

As if it weren’t already a hero to those with sensitive skin, Drunk Elephant took these to the next level and forbade any essential oils, silicones or fragrance from touching this formula. Peace out, irritants.

One shopper said after using this night serum, their skin “became smooth, straight velvety. Even the pores are not so noticeable.” Another added that each morning after using it, they wake up to “super soft, smoother and brighter” skin with fewer breakouts and redness.

So, is a product that smoothes skin, evens tone, demolishes acne, wipes away wrinkles and fills in fine lines worth the price? In this instance, I’d say so.