Waterproof Drugstore Mascara to Put in Your Beach Bag This Summer

Victoria Moorhouse

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Your summer beauty routine may consist of a few coats of mascara and a little SPF-enhanced lip balm, but it goes all wrong when your chosen mascara formula smears down your face—especially combined with water, sweat, or that random five-minute rain shower. The solution is finding a waterproof product. It might not be your thing on the reg, but it’ll come in handy when faced with a dare to jump off the high dive. Because the elements aren’t going to quit just because you put on your makeup, we rounded up a few waterproof mascaras (at drugstore prices!) for you to test out this summer. Find the formula that works for you and say “later!” to the makeup tears and smears.

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Butterfly Waterproof MascaraL’Oreal really hit it out of the park with their Voluminous Butterfly mascara wand—one that features an asymmetrical brush where longer bristles grab hold of the lashes on the outer corners of your eyes. This gives you that “wing” where your outer lashes are pushed outwards, opening up your eyes, instead of just curled up. It’s been a hit since its release—and it’s available in a waterproof formula. Why ditch your favorite just because you want to go swimming?
(L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara, $7, walmart.com)

Maybelline Lash Sensational WaterproofMascara brands know you don’t want to drop your favorite brand for reasons like tearing up in a Nicholas Sparks film. When Maybelline launched this super cool mascara formula—featuring a brush with layers of various sized bristles to catch all of your lashes, which apparently grow in layers—they did so with a waterproof version that’ll keep the stuff on your eyelashes and not running down your cheeks.
(Maybelline Lash Sensational, $7, target.com)

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Covergirl LashblastIt always seems like mascara (even if it’s perfectly placed without a flaw in sight) clumps up the minute it’s surrounded by water or sweat. Spidery lashes are just as bad as the formula making its way down your face, so you’ll want to find a product that applies without clumps and keeps your lashes that way when they’re wet. CoverGirl’s Clump Crusher does exactly that, giving you voluminous lashes that all have their own personal space.
(CoverGirl Clump Crusher Water Resistant, $7, target.com)

Rimmel London Wonderlash WaterproofConditioning your lashes with moisturizing, repairing, and famously light argan oil, this mascara takes care of your lashes’ hydration while giving you that full, waterproof look you’re really going for. The shiny blue packaging definitely helps, too. Who doesn’t want pretty beauty products?
(Rimmel London Wonderlash Waterproof Mascara, $8, walgreens.com)

Maybelline Volum Express MascaraFalsies don’t fly when it comes to water—most of the time, anyway—so you’re just going to have to fake it with mascara. No big deal if you find one that’s got the waterproof badge to its name. This Maybelline mascara is really cool because not only does it address your upper lashes, making them full and voluminous like they’re faux (but um, not), but it has a brush on the other end specifically designed for your lower lashes. The bristles are tinier and spaced closer together, allowing you to attach the formula to those little delicate hairs.
(Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes Mascara, $7, target.com)

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elf waterproof mascaraGot a favorite mascara and don’t feel like switching just because it isn’t waterproof? You don’t HAVE to be stuck with those impossibly difficult to remove smudges on your face all day long. This mascara top coat from e.l.f can be layered over any mascara, giving it a water-resistant seal. Not too shabby, eh? It’s also formulated with vitamin E for conditioning purposes and is $3. Yes, please.
(e.l.f Waterproof Mascara Top Coat, $3, eyeslipsface.com)