12 Drugstore Finds Beauty Editors Swear By

Wendy Rodewald
12 Drugstore Finds Beauty Editors Swear By
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$7.99, ulta.com "As much as I love bright lipsticks, I don't always have a compact mirror handy. I use these sheer tinted lip glosses when I need some color but don't want to worry about applying perfectly." Megan Segura, Associate Editor

$16.99 for six masks, available July 2013 "Tissue facial masks are amazing, and this new product marks the first time in the US you can pick one up on your toothpaste and tampons run. This mask leaves my skin looking noticeably plumper after 10 minutes, plus it's packed with vitamin C to fight dark spots." Wendy Rodewald, Senior Editor

$8.95, soap.com "Summer is an excuse to try bold manicures. But since Im better at pinning nail art than actually creating it, these floral nail strips are perfect." Shannon Farrell, Editorial Assistant

$9.49, available June 2013 "Ive never really used mascara on my lower lashes because it would smudge and give me raccoon eyes. But this double-brush mascara makes the job much easier. The upper-lash wand creates length and volume while the lower-lash brush applies just the right amount of mascara for the smaller lashes." Emily Rekstis, Junior Team Member

$5.99, walgreens.com "This moisturizer is a must, especially for those with combination/oily skin. It helps control oil, and also fights acne at the same time with pore-refining salicylic acid." Jamie Lynch, Junior Team Member

$12, drugstore.com "It may sound boring, but this little aerosol can of water has been a lifesaver. I spray it onto my makeup sponge before blending in concealer or foundation. It helps the makeup melt into the skin, so you get more natural looking coverage." Megan Segura, Associate Editor

$11.95, soap.com "Ive spent more cash than I care to admit on fancy candles, but this ones sophisticated lavender scent gives pricier votives a run for their money. Its leagues above any of its fake strawberry-smelling shelf mates in the cleaning aisle." Wendy Rodewald, Senior Editor

$9, revlon.com "This stick comes in three subtle shades. I cant wait to wear this on my lips and cheeks at the beach just add some mascara and Ill be set."Shannon Farrell, Editorial Assistant

$6.95, maybelline.com "Eyebrows are the most important part of the face, at least for me. This pencil is great because it's versatile; it helps you achieve either a bold and defined eyebrow shape, or a natural and subtle one." Jamie Lynch, Junior Team Member

target.com "This lightening spray is the new and much improved Sun-In of our generation. The formula uses natural ingredients such as citrus and chamomile, leaving your hair damage free. Blondes like myself that look for lighter sun-kissed hair during summer months can turn out natural looking results in only 3-5 uses." Emily Rekstis, Junior Team Member

$6.99, lorealparisusa.com "I've tried fancier eyeliner pencils, but I find that they tend to melt in my makeup bag or, worse, on my eyes. These pencils don't have that problem and they have a small sponge on the end to help blend a smoky eye or erase mistakes." Megan Segura, Associate Editor

$5.97, walmart.com "After a long day in the heat, nothing is more refreshing than an on-the-go towelette. And these have an irresistible fruity smell to boot!" Shannon Farrell, Editorial Assistant

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