Bad News: Science Says Drinking Water Won’t Help Your Hangover

champagne flat layPhoto: Pret-a-Provost

Bad news, guys: Drinking a huge glass of water and grabbing a late-night snack might be your go-to hangover prevention strategy of choice, but apparently, it’s a total myth.

According to researchers in the Netherlands and Canada, keeping hydrated while sipping on your spicy margaritas or rosé will do nothing to stave off a headache the next morning.

By surveying more than 800 students and their hangover symptoms, researchers found that there was no real difference in severity between those who drank water and those who didn’t. Although those who stayed seriously hydrated noted a very slight improvement in how they felt, researchers made it clear that there was really no measurable difference between the alcohol drinkers who had water, and those who didn’t.

Lead author Dr. Joris Verster from Utrecht University explained to BBC: “Drinking water may help against thirst and a dry mouth, but it will not take away the misery, the headache and the nausea.”

Oh, and not only does water and food have zero impact on your hangover, but the researchers reported that there’s actually nothing you can do to avoid that sore head after a big night. Hear that? Nothing—except of course, drinking less.

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