Drink It In

Rachel Adler

French skincare line Caudalie has officially given us yet another reason to love wine—their latest product, Pulpe Vitaminee 1st Wrinkle Serum.

The line is founded in vinotherapie, on the beliefs that the seeds of grapes contain polyphenols, which can do wonders for your skin. The latest anti-aging product is full of antioxidants, hyaluronic acid (for moisture), and plant biovector to fight wrinkles. Added into the mix are ginger and ginseng to energize the skin.

Apply in the morning and evening, and if it tempts you to have a glass of something dark and red along with it, we won’t judge.

Pulpe Vitaminee 1st Wrinkle Serum, $62, https://us.caudalie.com

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