Drew Barrymore Debuts Her New Makeup Line: “I’m Kind Of A Drugstore Queen”

Wendy Rodewald
Drew Barrymore's new makeup line Flower is available at Walmart now

Drew Barrymore
Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been eagerly awaiting Drew Barrymore‘s new beauty line, Flower, since we first heard about the project, and now the products are finally hitting store shelves. Last night at a launch party for the brand, which is a collaboration with Walmart and available exclusively from the mass retailer, we caught up with Drew herself, who told us all about her role in developing the products and being a “drugstore queen.”

Do you have any quirky beauty habits, or tricks you’ve picked up being in front of the camera for so many years?

I definitely still love to wear my lipstick on my cheeks. There’s symmetry in the color, I love that. I love when people highlight the corners of your eyes, and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Oh my God! What did you just do?’ And I don’t do it as well, but it is an art.

I wash my face as often as I can in a day, because it keeps my skin clear. I’m kind of drugstore queen, I have to admit. I love witch hazel wipes and a very gentle soap — it’s like a facial on the go. I like brushes and bobby pins and hairbands. I don’t go to a lot of fancy stuff with hair and skin. I do love prestige makeup though, and I do love mass makeup — and with this line, I wanted to bring the two worlds together.

What’s your favorite product in the line?

I am that jerk who’s going to say ‘everything’ because I labored over every single [one of] 181 SKUs. But I’ve always wanted to do minis. Bags are getting smaller, makeup is getting bigger — this is not working. And we love to throw things in our bags for two weeks at a time, and then switch it out, but for those two weeks you get stuck on whatever makeup is in your bag, because you go to work and you have to go to a function that night, you have what you have in your purse. I like the idea of choosing — you could have a darker eye and a lighter eye and a darker lip and a lighter lip; you can have several different looks you’re carrying.

Flower Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets from Drew Barrymore's new makeup line

Flower Petite Fleurs Pocket Triplets are stackable sets of three colors ($6.98 each, Walmart).

How did the partnership with Walmart come about?

I loved the women who ran it. They were sophisticated and they were smart, and very much like my relationship with CoverGirl, I got to know them, and I trusted them, and respected them. And I knew that the vision was the same [as mine]. I don’t know how to put my name with things, I don’t think I could succeed in that way — I want to put myself into things infinite percent. I knew that what they were driving at, that they wanted to build a brand and not a name, was completely in keeping with what I thought that we could bring to a brand, what I want to deliver. I fought for the best formulas. I wanted to design a campaign that I thought was happy. Happiness is the best makeup you can wear, period!

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