This Serum From a TikTok-Loved Brand ‘Minimizes Pores’ & Gives Skin a ‘Healthy Glow’

Summer Cartwright
This Serum From a TikTok-Loved Brand ‘Minimizes Pores’ & Gives Skin a ‘Healthy Glow’
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Instant gratification is something we all crave—why else would filter-esque foundations be so popular? Unfortunately, when it comes to addressing skincare concerns like acne and wrinkles, it takes a little bit of time to see some noticeable results. This must be why shoppers are so pumped about a new pore-minimizing serum that is specifically designed to diminish the appearance of blackheads instantly. Yes, instantly.

The Dr. Jart+ Pore Remedy PHA Exfoliating Treatment just hit the market, but the rave reviews are already in. Shoppers credit the skin-smoothing serum for transforming their skin. “It helped to soften my skin, minimize pores and give me a healthy glow,” wrote one user.

According to a clinical study, the serum “instantly decreased the look of pore size and visibly smoothed skin‘s texture” of all participants. And, what’s more, it decreased the prominence of blackheads, reduced dead skin cells and controlled excess oil within one week. As we know, dead skin cells and excess oil are major contributors to blackheads and acne, so taming each is a major win.

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Pore Remedy PHA Exfoliating Serum

Pore Remedy PHA Exfoliating Serum

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+

You might know Dr. Jart+ for its incredibly viral (and effective) color-correcting SPF treatment that gets rid of redness like a magic eraser. The exfoliating serum has an effect that’s just as impressive, shoppers say. The PHA—polyhydroxy acid, an exfoliant known for its ability to hydrate skin and remove dead skin cells simultaneously—serum also includes panthenol and macadamia seed oil that moisturizes and controls sebum production, respectively.

This combo must be why shoppers say it keeps their skin refreshed while getting rid of the gunk deep in their pores.

“This is the ONLY product that I’ve ever tried, including my HG Paula’s Choice toner and Dr. Gross peel pads that continuously purges my pesky sebaceous filaments. I hate hate hate them as I have large pores just in general, and literally, this serum is the only thing I’ve ever used that’s kept my skin clear of blackheads and sebaceous clogs simultaneously,” wrote one reviewer. “I don’t have acne, but if you want fine texture care this stuff is fantastic.”

Designed to be used daily, the water-like serum is dermatologist-tested and approved to be used on sensitive skin. Reviewers who say they have acne or suffer from dry patches praise the product for not causing any additional harm to their face, even in the first few days of use. So often with exfoliating products, we have to deal with a purge period where we breakout or have to deal with dry patches, but not with this serum.

“I found that the appearance of my pores decreased after just a few uses,” wrote one shopper. “It’s been very gentle and hasn’t caused any discomfort or irritation, just clean fresh skin.”

It’s only a matter of time before TikTok discovers this product and makes it as viral as the other Dr. Jart+ one. Until then, we recommend buying this while it’s still in stock.