Forget Fillers! These New Sheet Masks Are Inspired by Cosmetic Procedures

Victoria Moorhouse

plastic surgery sheet masks article 1 Forget Fillers! These New Sheet Masks Are Inspired by Cosmetic Procedures

If you shiver at the thought of injections but actually lose sleep over wrinkles, we have some good news for you. Beauty brands are apparently now formulating product collections inspired by popular cosmetic procedures, but with absolutely no needles required. Sign. Us. Up.

The K-Beauty brand, Dr. Jart+ specifically, has taken this approach with trendy sheet masks and skin patches. And it’s a little different than those lip glosses that temporarily plump your pout.

The new Dermask collection consists of four different “jet lines” of products that are each inspired by a corresponding invasive or dermatological treatment, including Botox, INTRAcel, Laser Peel, and Hyaluronic Acid injections.

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And take the word “inspired” seriously. Basically, each line works to target and treat the same type of issues as the procedures would but obviously in a way more mild and gentle fashion, which if you think about it, is a lot similar to many anti-aging creams on the market. Think prevention instead of a permanent solution.

For example, the “spot line” takes after Botox in the sense that it includes a Cheek and Eye Lift, a Laugh Line Lift, and a Neck and Chin Lift made with ingredients that support collagen production to tighten and smooth. Another line is inspired by a Hyaluronic Acid injection and is made up of two masks with ingredients that boost hydration. You get the point.

We had to test these babies out ourselves to diminish our own lines of course, giving the Cheek and Eye Lift ($12) a go. This mask looks like an over-sized under-eye patch, and we’ve got to say that after the recommended 30 minutes wait our skin felt a little firmer and looked more “alive.” Or at least like we didn’t only get 5 hours of sleep.

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We’re definitely not saying these masks will give you the same exact result as one of those intensive treatments (they’re invasive and administered by doctors for a reason), but it’s definitely a more relaxing, affordable, and accessible way to treat and prevent skin issues like fine lines.

And honestly, since we’re always looking for innovations that make the signs of aging less noticeable, whether that’s in a product or a procedure, we can’t help to wonder if more brands will start exploring lines inspired by these corrective concepts. After all, it seems like a lot less stress to ward off wrinkles by slathering on product than to fix them later.