Downton Abbey Beauty: Yardley Soap & That’s About It!

Amanda Elser

We are always suckers for a good period drama and recently we have gotten warped into the world of Downton Abbey, the PBS Masterpiece show set inEdwardian England. We slightly envy the corset dresses, stylish hats and pretty brooches, but what we really can’t get over is their creamy complexions.

But let’s get real. This is a television show so we know they have to be doing somethingbehind the scenes in order to get that sought after fair skin tone that looks as if it has always been devoid of sunlight. Turns out, they aren’t doing that much.

Apparently, the actresses were asked not to pluck their eyebrows from the moment they were cast and no mascara is allowed on set. (Those are two of our essentials!)

Michelle Dockery, who plays the oldest daughter Lady Mary Crawley, said:”Historically, women wouldn’t have been introduced to those kind of products then, so we can’t use them.”

Ann Oldham, the shows lead makeup artist, only uses foundation products to achieve that “no makeup look.” She usesLe Blanc de Chanel base and GiorgioArmani Luminous Silk Foundation to get that sought after complexion idealized in the time period. She even usedYardley Lily of the Valley eau de toilette so the actresses smell the part.

As for the hair,Edwardian ladies didn’t cut their hair (ever) and stray hairs were taken from brushes and used to mold the hair around on top.

So, okay, we probably won’t start collecting our stray hairs, but we are definitely going to lay the sunscreen on thick and ditch a few of those extra makeup steps each day for a more au natural look.

What about you?