Lucy Hale’s Makeup Artist Jamie Greenberg Shows Us How to Get Her Double Cat Eye

Augusta Falletta

Welcome to Vlogger Month on Beauty High! For the month of July, we’ll be featuring some of our favorite vloggers on the site, and finding out exactly how they do what they do. You’ll see the fun tutorial videos you know and love, get the behind-the-scenes of a vlogger set-up and you can look forward to exclusive interviews with the ladies you love the best.

For the past few seasons, the cat eye has been the makeup look to master. Bless your soul if you can get both of your wings even on the first shot. We’ve poured over countless YouTube videos and Pinterest tutorials for the cat eye, and since watching just about every tutorial there is (and practicing practically every day), we’ve been able to get the look down pat. Our next challenge? The double cat eye — particularly, Lucy Hale’s double cat eye.

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Naturally, we wanted to know the tricks of the trade behind getting the look just right, so we turned to the woman who created Lucy’s look, Jamie Greenberg, celebrity makeup artist and vlogger. In the video above, Jamie recreates the look she created for Lucy in US Weekly, but this time on her own face, adjusting the colors and tools she uses to make it more wearable for everyone. Watch the tutorial above and you’ll have the double cat eye in your makeup arsenal!