The Dos and Don’ts of Lip Liner, For the Perfect Stay-Put Lip

Woman with red lipstick


Lip liner is one of the most underrated beauty products. While it can help you fake Angelina Jolie lips, it could also result in you looking like Pamela Anderson circa 1999. Lip liner can be an intimidating part of the makeup process which is probably why so many women shy away from it. However, if applied correctly, it can make all the difference between average and Jolie lips. To help you feel more comfortable using lip liner, we’ve rounded up things to avoid as well as tips and tricks to give you the lips of your dreams.

Don’t: Outline your lips in a sharp thin line. This will make applying your lipstick feel like attempting to color inside the lines. The ring around the lip is pretty much one of the worst beauty mistakes you can make.

Do: Use a brush to smooth out the line. This will blend the color making the outline of your lips look natural and “lived in.”

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Don’t: Overdraw your lips. This can be tempting when the whole point of lip liner is to create more of a lip, but the point is to create a subtle illusion.

Do: Draw an X in the middle of your top lip. This is a brilliant little makeup trick that can help those of you with a small upper lip create a bigger cupids bow.

Don’t: Use a darker liner than lipstick. This adds to the ring around the lip look in a bolder more obvious way.

Do: Choose a liner that’s brighter then your lipstick. This is a great way to make your lips pop with a simple bold effect.

Don’t: Forget about the corners of your mouth. Doing so causes a break in the natural flow and line in your lip.

Do: Fill in your entire lip with the liner. This is a trick a lot of makeup artists like to use to create a solid base before applying the lipstick. It helps lengthen the color’s staying power.