Don’t Thread on Me!


No matter what the spring runway says, no matter if thick eyebrows are back in style, no matter if your favorite celeb is sporting unkempt caterpillars over her perfectly smokey eyes – us women of the world simply must keep ours under control.

Since the dawn of time (approximately), we have been faced with two options – tweeze at home with painful results, or pay money every few weeks at a salon for waxing (a once you pop, you can’t stop kind of deal).  Threading has stuck in the back of our minds as some vague, third option relegated to the more adventurous of our city slicker friends.

But now, with the introduction of Sun Maita’s at home threader kit, we can include ourselves among the more worldly (and economical!). According to owners (as well as licensed aestheticians and makeup artists) Anita Sun and Sara Maita, the at home threader works by “replicating the exact angles that master threaders use,” and “polishes off surface dead skin cells in addition to removing unwanted facial hair…at the follicle, from coarse, deep-rooted strands to tiny “peach fuzz” that is impossible to get with tweezers and lasers.”

For the purposes of makeup application, the removal of this peach fuzz in invaluable to a smooth finish. The kit, found at, goes for $150 and includes numbing lotion for pre-threading, chalk to see your miniscule hairs clearer, and soothing, “Closer Lotion” to protect the skin post-op.

I, for one, am looking forward to the break from my trusty Tweezerman.