People Are Using This Weird Rod to Get an Instant Nose Job at Home

People Are Using This Weird Rod to Get an Instant Nose Job at Home
Photo: ImaxTree

Fun maybe-fact: Approximately 95.6 percent of celebrities have had a nose job, based on our own non-scientific guesstimates that are totally inaccurate, but probably true, because nose jobs are like the tooth-whitenings of the plastic surgery world. (They come in at number three of the most-performed cosmetic surgeries in 2015.) But if internet crazes have any impact on life—and they do—we might just see that number start to drop, thanks to a new product called the Nose Lifter, which promises to give you an instant nose lift at home, without the pain or insane hospital costs that come with surgery.

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The Nose Lifter includes two tiny, arc-shaped rods that come in seven sizes, including “super-petite” and “extra-large,” and is being touted as “the world’s best non-surgical nose-job alternative that gives an instant, amazing result.” At least, you know, according to its website. But before you get your hopes up, know that this product doesn’t actually lift your nose with a cloud of magic. No, the two plastic pieces basically act as tension rods, or splints, that you insert into each nostril to literally push your nose up. Yeah, it probably feels as comfortable as it sounds.

Weirdly, though, the before-and-after pictures do look kind of awesome, and from the review videos we’ve seen, the rods seem to actually work, to some extent—although there’s a general consensus that they’re not exactly comfortable. Still, for the relatively low price of $18, the Nose Lifter could be a good short-term (like, very, very short-term) solution for anyone who’s not thrilled with their current schnoz and wants a quick change. Though, in our eyes that have never seen you, you’re totally perfect just the way you are.

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