Doe Deere of Lime Crime On Bright Lipstick & the Blogosphere

Doe Deere of Lime Crime On Bright Lipstick & the Blogosphere
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Summer is in full swing, (hello, heatwave!) and we’ve been rocking this season’s trends for weeks now: neon eyeliner, creamsicle lips and Harijuku-inspired nail art.

In our eyes, there’s no one better to talk to about bright, bold makeup than Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime and beauty blogger extraordinaire. Not only has the self-proclaimed Unicorn Queen paved the way for makeup that’s as high-quality as it is unconventional, she inspires us to take fashion and beauty risks on her amazingly adorable site, Doe Deere Blogazine.

We spoke to Doe about the success of her cosmetics company, her makeup bag must-haves and everything in-between.

In addition to being the founder of Lime Crime, you’re also an acclaimed blogger and internet personality–you even posted the first online makeup tutorial. Any advice for aspiring fashion or beauty bloggers?

Believe it or not, my tutorial was actually pre-YouTube, hahaha! (I know, what is life before YouTube?!) It was posted on my then-clothing line website,, as a way to share something I loved to do. Eventually, the tutorials overshadowed the clothing line and I was doing them full-time. It was incredible to see the concept of a simple step-by-step take off in such a major way–I love watching other girls do their makeup on YouTube!

My advice to young bloggers? Do what you love, but do it different from others! Be honest with yourself and your readers. More honesty and risk-taking is what the blogosphere needs right now!

You were a model before you were a makeup artist. How did you get started in your current career?

My DIY clothing line required a mannequin, so I stepped up to the job! Over the years, I’ve transitioned into beauty modeling, which I find much more exciting! Nothing better than having your face transformed into something marvelous, be it a 1970s Biba girl or a unicorn!

What void in the cosmetic market did Lime Crime fill? How do you think Lime Crime will grow over the next few years?

We came at a time when bright, high-impact colors were a rarity. I couldn’t find anything I liked personally, so I decided it was time to make my own.

Lime Crime currently has 13 Opaque Lipsticks in a rainbow of colors, 13 loose eye shadows called Magic Dusts, waterproof eyelid primer we call Eyeshadow Helper. Our lipsticks were especially successful–I was even compared to Poppy King who started her own makeup line at 18, (and is now a friend and mentor to me!).

Last spring Lime Crime was discovered by the same lady who discovered NARS, and we were invited to join SpaceNK‘s roster of brands throughout the UK and US–a big deal for a brand like ours! We also exhibited at the IMATS makeup show for the first time; it was amazing to meet all the fans and customers!

What’s for the future? We are currently developing several new, exciting products for Fall 2011 and Spring 2011 release. It’s been an incredible journey so far and I hope it never ends!

What are a few of your must-have products, from Lime Crime and other brands as well?

I love Maybelline Falsies mascara, it makes my lashes HUGE! From my own line, our true red lipstick, Retrofuturist, has proven to be the most versatile; I dab it on as a stain and gloss it up for a pouty “doll” effect, or wear full-on to make a statement. It’s in my purse 24/7!

Lime Crime lipstick has gained a cult following in such a short amount of time. What’s your technique for the perfect lip? What’s your advice for wearing a daring color, such as “New Yolk City” or “No She Didn’t” – are they suitable for all skin tones?

It depends on your skill level. If you are new to lipstick, I recommend using a brush–it gives you much more control and precision. If you are an experienced lipstick wearer, go directly from the tube. It’s the most glamorous way to apply lipstick!

People say blue lips will make you look dead, but as long as you stick with a shade that is of the same brightness as red, it won’t. It’s easy to pull off unusual colors if you know your color type. I’ve gotten to meet and give makeovers to many customers over the years, and here is the breakdown:

Warm, peachy undertones: Cosmopop, My Beautiful Rocket

Olive undertones: D’Lilac, Airborne Unicorn

Cool, pinky undertones: Centrifuchsia, Great Pink Planet

Dark: Any pastel – New Yolk City, Mint To Be, etc!

And then there are colors that are universally flattering on most people: Retrofuturist, Coquette and – believe it or not – No She Didn’t! Regardless of your type, if you look good in black and white, Countessa Fluorescent will look amazing on you.

Of course, these are just some general guidelines; here at Lime Crime we encourage breaking the rules. We believe that the best color on you is the one that feels right at the moment, so rock it with confidence!

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in colorful makeup, but maybe doesn’t quite know where to start?

I think lipstick is the easiest and best place to start because it doesn’t require blending skills and is super-easy to apply. One thing to remember though is that most people are not used to seeing themselves with lip color, so it takes some getting used to! I always recommend wearing it around the house, gazing into the mirror throughout the day. It’s fun!

What were some of the challenges you faced while creating a line of makeup that’s so unique?

Finding the right lab partners who will understand and help me interpret my vision and bring it to the mass market. I work very closely to the lab to create color samples and test formulas to ensure that only the best of the best make it to production!

Your hair always looks amazing, and you change it up so often! What’s your secret to keeping it healthy yet perfectly styled?

How sweet of you to say! Indeed, I have dyed my hair every shade of red, baby blue and currently stopped at platinum blonde. I like using a 1-inch flattening iron for straightening and curling (talk about a multi-tasking product!). To keep my hair long and healthy, I pay special attention to the ends: never allow them to get over-fried or damaged. It helps to know your hair’s limits before pushing it, too: I’m lucky to have several friends who are very knowledgeable on the subject. In the end, take good care of your hair and it will love you back!

What’s it like being the Unicorn Queen?

It feels fantastical, thank you!

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