Do Guys Like Short Hair?

The European Premiere Of "The Dark Knight Rises" Anne Hathaway

Photo: Getty Images

With sexy celebs like Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams chopping off their long locks in favor of shorter styles, we had to wonder–what do guys think about the short hair trend? To find out, we polled 50 men in New York City’s Central Park to ask: Do you think short hair is sexy? We found that the majority of the men (62%!) preferred long hair over short. Check out their reasons why!

The guys who hated it said:
“To me, the women in these photos have hair that’s a little too short. Shoulder length or longer looks better on all women in general. I can’t pick out a single [celebrity] whose after shot I like more.”–Victor, 26

“I won’t say it doesn’t look good sometimes, but for the most part long hair looks good on all women. Personally, I’ve never met a woman who doesn’t look good with long hair. I can’t say the same for short hair.”–Kasey, 31

The guys who loved it said:
“Twenty years ago I would’ve said that I like long hair more. But now that I’m married I’ve learned that my wife is much happier dealing with short hair. Now I like short hair too.”–Walter, 42

“I read [a study] once that women are most likely to cut off their hair after a break-up out of fear of what their men will think. I’m not sure what that means but I for one like short hair more.”–Adam, 37

Were you surprised by the comments? What do you think of short hair?