Nail Art DIY: Get Trendy, Textured Manicures For Less

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Nail Art DIY: Get Trendy, Textured Manicures For Less
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If you haven’t noticed, we’re obsessed with nail art. We’ve scoured the runways, award shows, Instagram, and Pinterest for the best of the best and to discover what the latest trends are. Lately, manicures have become full-blown art with creative designs that take hours to complete. We’re loving the textured manicures we’ve seen recently, from caviar nails at The Blonds Spring 2013 show to the underwater manicure at Joy Cioci. While they may not work for everyday wear or last very long, they can be fun for special occasions or holidays.

Ciaté has kept up with the innovative nail trends by creating kits for easy at-home manicures. Although the kits can make great gifts, we decided to find alternatives to create the latest manicures. Flip through the slideshow to see some of our favorite textured manicures and how to get the look with simple crafts. Then tell us, what other textures have you tried?

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Ciaté is becoming well known for their nail art kits and their latest one, which will debut this October, is a sequin kit in three shades. Each kit costs $15 and will be available at Sephora, Bloomingdales, and Nordstrom.

You can easily achieve the sequined manicure for less and can have a wider selection of colors to choose from by creating it yourself instead of purchasing a kit. We like these gold sequins that would look great over a black or deep blue shade for special occasions. Sprinkle them over wet nail polish and finish with a top coat. (Gold sequins,, $3.99)

Who doesn't love lace for a feminine touch? Any lace pattern can be cut up to be used for nail art.

We like this floral lace from Joann that comes in several colors. The lace will show up best with a nude or light grey polish underneath. Place the lace over each nail and cut accordingly (you can always trim later if needed). Let two coats dry partially so the polish is a little tacky. Place each lace cutout on your nails and use a toothpick to press down the edges. Finish off with a top coat. (Crafter's Lace,, $5.99)

We've seen caviar nails on the runways during New York Fashion Week and of course on Pinterest. The baubled effect can be achieved with Ciaté's kits for $25 from The kits come in rainbow, pearl, and black.


We've seen caviar nails on the runways during New York Fashion Week and of course on Pinterest. The baubled effect can be achieved with Ciaté's kits for $25 from The kits come in rainbow, pearl, and black.

For a cheaper price, you can buy 12 colors of microbeads for $15.50 and pair them with any nail color of your choosing. After generously applying a second coat of polish, pour the beads over the nail (make sure you have something underneath to catch the loose ones) then use your finger to press and secure the beads. This manicure won't last long, but it's fun for a special night out. (Microbeads for Caviar Manicures,, $15.50)

Feathers aren't just for hair or jewelry anymore. Freshen up the feather trend by using them for nail texture.

Pick up any feathers from your local craft store, but we like these with the polka dots. Trim the feathers to fit your nails and dip them in either a top coat or nail foil adhesive to stick them to your nails. Finish with a thick layer of top coat for staying power and high shine. (Guinea Fowl Feathers,, $1.99)

The velvet manicure has a rich and luxurious look and Ciaté sells kits in Berry Poncho, Blue Suede, and Mink Cashmere, available at

For almost the same price as the kits, you can get 12 bottles of crushed velvet powder to create your own manicures. Sprinkle a generous amount of the powder over wet polish (again, make sure you have something underneath while you do this) and use a dry brush to sweep away any extra velvet. You'll get a fuzzy 3D texture that doesn't require a top coat. (Crushed velvet,, $16.14)

Rhinestones can add a little or a lot of bling (depending on your preference) to any nail art.

A large supply of rhinestones usually comes pretty cheap and they're easy to apply. Put a tiny drop of top coat with a toothpick on desired area of nail and use the toothpick to maneuver the rhinestone on top of nail. (Rhinestones,, $5.90)

Studded shoes, studded handbags, studded bracelets, but have you thought about doing studded nails? We love this edgy look created with small, gold studs!

These gold square studs are perfect for nail art because they are adhesive. Just stick them on your nails after applying nail polish and seal with a top coat. (Gold Square Stud Rhinestones,, $4.67 for one bag)

This manicure can easily be created using a top coat with real gold flakes like Sephora's It's Real 18K Gold Top Coat for $30. But if you want to do the real thing (and for less) use actual gold or metal flakes.

These foil flakes are easy to apply and less expensive because they aren't real gold. After applying a base coat of any color, use tweezers to apply flakes randomly on slightly wet polish. Finish with a top coat. They can be easily removed with nail polish remover. (Color Club Foil Flakes Nail Art,, $12)

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