Beauty Buzz: 5 DIY Sugar Recipes, Skin Care That Derms Love, More

Rachel Adler

sugar diy

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1. Got some extra sugar laying around the house? Here are 5 DIY recipes you can make – like a blueberry face scrub and more. [Daily Makeover]

2. It didn’t take long (and we’re sure there are a plenty of extensions involved) but Kim K is back to her dark brown, long locks. [People StyleWatch]

3. Find out what skin care products dermatologists love the most, so you can get fabulous skin ASAP. [Byrdie]

4. In the market for some new makeup brushes? Find out which ones makeup artist Amy Nadine thinks are the “musts” right now. [The Beauty Department]

5. Music festival season is right around the corner, so learn how to make your look survive the heat. []