DIY Skin-Saving Recipes


Scott-Vincent Borba is a guest editor, celebrity aesthetician, and BORBA founder. His products are a hit with Hollywood’s gorgeously glowing gals– from Ashley Greene to Kim Kardashian. Here, he shares how you can easily whip up skin care treatments using items found in your kitchen. Who says you need to spend a lot of money to look beautiful?

1. When life gives you lemons

When life gives you lemons– use them to exfoliate! This is a great treatment, especially to brighten dull, winter skin as we move into spring and summer. A zesty lemon combined with sea salts can bring a healthy glow to otherwise sad, dry skin. Combine one-half cup of sea salt with three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of finely grated lemon. Use the mixture to gently wash your face and body.

2. Slough away dullness for summer sizzle
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Diet foods shouldn’t be just about what you take in, but also what you put on. Always look for products with naturally-derived ingredients. In a pinch, you can achieve this very economically at home by creating an easy skin-polishing slough. Mix three-quarters of one cup of dry oatmeal with one-half cup of honey. Rub the mixture on the face and body for a few minutes and rinse off in the shower. Your skin will glow and your wallet will shine!

3. Going bananas
Give tired eyes the slip with this simple recipe. Take a banana out of the peel and run a large spoon from the top to the bottom of the husk until you strip it of its internal fibers. Mix the fibers with a quarter-sized amount of super cold Vaseline. Apply the solution to the lids and on the tops of the eyebrows. Allow to set for five minutes and gently tissue off. You’ll see an incredible reduction of loose skin and a fresh, wide-eyed look. Prior to makeup application, be sure to use an icy washcloth or a refrigerated makeup-removing wipe to remove the excess Vaseline.

4. Soak it in
If your skin took a beating in the winter weather, try using the following recipe the next time you run a bath. Gather two Alka-Seltzer tablets (oxygen stimulation) and one half gallon of milk (natural lactic acid) to add to a tub of warm water. Start with a quick exfoliation using oatmeal (a natural exfoliate and skin soother) and honey (a binder for the oatmeal and natural skin conditioner). Slather and rub the mixture from head to toe. Drop the two tablets and the milk into the warm bath– the combination will deeply hydrate, smooth, tone, and brighten skin. Add a shea or coco butter moisturizer after you towel off– your skin will feel comfortable and silky soft.

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