5 DIY Makeup Recipes to Try Now

Rachel Krause

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If something can be DIYed, we’re going to DIY it—including, if possible, our entire makeup routine. Whether you’re a semi-homemade beginner or an at-home makeup master, make these 5 simple DIY makeup recipes part of your next project.

DIY Makeup-Organic FoundationSkin-nourishing ingredients like almond oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and vitamin E make this organic foundation a treat to use while benefiting your skin in the long run. Better still, using a small amount of zinc oxide means that it provides sun protection sans chemicals, too. (And if you’re not the DIY type but still want to give the foundation a shot, you can purchase it from Scratch Mommy’s store.)

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DIY Makeup-EyelinerAny DIY products you intend to use near your eyes should be approached with caution, but the activated charcoal in this recipe makes for a non-toxic black eyeliner that’s as harmless as it is black. Like, really black.

via Beauty by Britanie

DIY Makeup-Face PowderFor a sheer, skin-smoothing face powder that won’t clog your pores or rub off by midday, this recipe can’t be beat. We do recommend adding that extra touch of peppermint oil—not only is the fragrance lovely, but peppermint oil has circulation-boosting properties that will actually improve your skin, too.

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DIY Makeup-Bronzing LotionBronzer is one of the easiest at-home cosmetics to make, and you can mix and match the ingredients to create a shade that suits your skin tone. This recipe takes it to the next level: Blending the powdery ingredients with plain lotion creates a cream that you can use for an all-over glow.

via Hello Natural

DIY Makeup-BlushThis simple combination of ingredients will teach you how to make five different shades of blush based on the ratios, so you can pretty much toss your entire blush collection in favor of these natural powders if that’s your thing.

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