The Best DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair

The Best DIY Hair Masks for Dry Hair
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Welcome to winter, the time of year where every pore and follicle on your body screams out for moisture as you slowly turn into a water-less piece of cardboard and crumble away. Yay! And that means that your normally lustrous, shiny, healthy hair now resembles a dried-out fluff ball, which is super cool, considering it’s the holidays and loads of pictures will be taken.

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But never fear, because we’ve got your crunchy waves and curls covered with top-rated DIY hair-mask recipes for every hair type. And because all of these ingredients can be found in your nearest pantry, you can each and every one of these masks this weekend, even if you’re stuck at your grandma’s house in the middle of nowhere, a zillion miles away from a Sephora.


Avocado and Coconut Oil Mask


Just when you thought you couldn’t possibly be more obsessed with avocado, we’re here to blow your minds, because avocado is just as magical on your dry hair as it is on your salad, thanks to its high fatty acid levels. Just smash it up with a bit of coconut oil and honey, and you’ve got yourself a lightweight, yet super hydrating, hair mask.


Egg and Milk Mask


Who knew that slathering a bunch of raw eggs and milk on your hair would turn it into a legit curtain of silk? Seriously. And if you don’t just believe it, just look at the beauty blogger’s shiny-as-hell hair. The consistency will be runny, though, so make sure you’re standing in the tub to keep your bathroom from turning into a Slip ‘N’ Slide.


Olive Oil and Vitamin E Mask


Olive oil, fresh coconut, raw honey, and vitamin E capsules leave coarse, frizzy hair feeling smooth and soft for days after you shower. If you have finer hair, you’ll want to rinse this mask out really well, since the oils can stay on your hair and weigh it down.


Banana and Grape-Seed Oil Mask


Bananas are the world’s gift to bread and hair. This banana mask uses grape seed oil, coconut oil, and apple cider vinegar to remove product buildup while moisturizing dry ends. And a major pro: The oils are lightweight enough that they won’t weigh down curls. Just make sure to really mash the bananas chunks up so you won’t be stuck combing banana bits out of your hair.


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