The One-Step Secret to Making DIY Conditioner

Rachel Krause
esp2k/iStock/Getty Images

esp2k/iStock/Getty Images

We’ve already learned that making your own shampoo is way, way easier than one would think, but a DIY conditioner may seem even more daunting. We’re picky with our conditioners to begin with, given that they’re often the one thing standing between us and straw-like hair, so taking matters into our own hands seems like a gamble at best. How can we possibly recreate the smoothing, shine-inducing effects of our favorite store-bought conditioners with ingredients we can find at home?

Here’s a secret: It literally couldn’t be simpler. All you need—yes, all you need—is water and apple cider vinegar. Raw apple cider vinegar (look for a bottle that includes “the mother”) seals the hair’s cuticle, enabling it to better retain moisture, and balances the pH of your scalp and hair, resulting in healthier hair in the longterm and great-looking hair in the short term. Just add a tablespoon of the apple cider vinegar to one cup of water, or use these same ratios to make a larger quantity. You can add a bit of olive oil if your hair is on the drier side, and although we assure you your hair won’t smell like vinegar once rinsed, you can go ahead and add your favorite essential oils as you see fit.

You can either use the concoction as a rinse, pouring it from a container over your hair before rinsing, or apply it using a spray bottle to saturate your hair. We weren’t lying when we said it couldn’t be simpler—and we guarantee you’ll love the results, too.

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