Game Changer: Disposable Mascara Wands for Perfect Lashes

GC-Sephora-Disposable-Mascara-WandsWe all have our “go-to” mascaras for our preferred results, but do we ever really give up on the hunt for the product that’s all-around perfect? Finding that perfect mascara is almost impossible, given that both the formula and the wand are integral to the results. There have been countless times I’ve loved a formula but hated a wand, and vice versa. Finally, I’ve found a solution: Sephora Collection Disposable Mascara Wands ($7, Using my favorite mascara formulas that don’t harden or flake, I can use any of the four silicone wands—lengthening, volumizing, curling, or defining—to get my desired effect. Also, because the wands are rubber, they maintain their shape while you swipe so you achieve a more accurate finish.

The best part: Clumps are totally obsolete. One major, yet frequently ignored, cause of spider lashes is failure to clean the wand after every use. Who has time for that, right? But skipping this step has a serious downside—the product hardens on the wand even before it’s swiped on your lashes, causing flakiness and clumps immediately. Using a clean wand enforces smooth application, and now you can just swipe and throw out. That is every lazy girl’s dream.

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