Radio Disney Stars on the Best Beauty Advice Their Mothers Ever Taught Them

Victoria Moorhouse
Radio Disney Stars on the Best Beauty Advice Their Mothers Ever Taught Them
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Whether it’s that reminder to take off your makeup before you catch up on your sleep, drinking water on the reg, or just sharing how important SPF really is, moms always seem to have a few classic beauty tips up their sleeves. Mother always seems to know best, doesn’t she?

With Mother’s Day around the corner, we were curious to find out the best hair, makeup, and wellness tips and tricks that celebrities’ mothers have taught them over the years. On the Radio Disney Music Awards Red Carpet, we asked stars from Brooke Sorenson to Skai Jackson, to share the scoop on the secrets that have been passed down to them. These ladies’ looks are always inspiring, trend-setting, and super cute, so we were all ears! Check out these beauty bites in the slideshow below.

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Brooke Sorenson


"She used to work for Estée Lauder at a makeup counter when she was younger, so she knows so many things about makeup," said Brooke Sorenson about her mom. "You can’t do a bold eye and a bold lip. Choose one. Either you do a bold lip and more of a natural eye. She told me that one time. She gives me great advice all the time.”

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Sammi Sanchez


"She taught me how to curl my lashes with a spoon. I guess it’s really good for your lashes so I’ve been doing it ever since.”

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Trinitee Stokes


“Never let anyone else tell you that you’re not pretty.”

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Megan Nicole


“Some beauty advice my mom gave me growing up was to wear sunblock every day within your moisturizer, which I need to keep up because I haven’t been as good about it, but it’s so good to do.”

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Chrissie Fit


“To always wash your face. No matter how tired you are, you should never go to sleep with makeup on. And it’s true. It clogs your pores. It’s horrible.”

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Sofia Carson


"I think the best advice she’s ever given me was to take care of my skin—so I wear sunblock every day, wash my face with cold water every night. I think that’s really helped with all the hair and makeup that changes.”

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Jacquie Lee


“Natural. My mom doesn’t wear a lot of makeup at all. She usually just is like a natural, fresh face. Oh! Vaseline can be really good with taking off eye makeup.”

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Olivia Holt


“My mom is all about being natural and everything. My mom has a very natural look to her and that’s always inspired me, and I want to have a very natural look. Occasionally, on my day-to-day, I like to bump it up a little bit. Here and there, I like to keep it natural"

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Skai Jackson


“I don’t really wear that much makeup, but she always says never have the spider eyelashes because it does not look cute. So do not do that!"

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Tammy Townsend


“Always take your makeup off when you go to bed. Never go to bed with your makeup on. It is very important.”

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