I Spent $65 on Lemon Water, and Here’s Why

dirty lemon detoxPhoto: Dirty Lemon

If, like me, you think juice cleanses are for the rich and gullible, you’ll enjoy this: A lemon detox drink that’s meant to help you cleanse while you continue eating (read: chewing) your normal diet.

Dirty Lemon Detox is an all-natural, cold-pressed, raw drink made with organic dandelion root and ginger root, lemon, and—here’s the kicker—charcoal. Oh, and it’s not mixed with any old H2O either, but reverse osmosis water, which despite its ridiculous name is basically just a much more pure version of the stuff that comes out of your tap. Each drink has just 10 calories, and no nasty additives or added sugar.

Interestingly, charcoal is nothing new in the health and wellness space. Brita water is filled with it, for instance, and it’s also used in hospitals to help patients who have overdosed on drugs, or who have been exposed to toxins. Fans claim that charcoal can do everything from help your body detox from processed food and pollution in the environment to relieve digestion problems, although very little actual medical research has been done on the topic.

Unlike other detox drinks notorious for encouraging dangerously low-calorie cleanses, this product is meant to be enjoyed as a healthy addition to your regular meals. So while you’ll never find me giving up eggplant parmigiani for a charcoal and lemon concoction, I’ll very happily have both, thank you very much.

The taste is sour and sweet, and certainly not subtle, but after you get over the black color (thanks to the charcoal), it’s really quite tasty and refreshing. Personally, I like to down one on my walk to work, and sometimes I even mix in Elle MacPherson‘s “Superfood Elixir” powder if I’m feeling particularly virtuous.

However, like all good things, Dirty Lemon Raw Detox drinks come at a cost—and a pretty hefty one at that. The company is clearly pricing itself similarly to pressed juices (despite being mostly water based) and a week’s worth of juices (six bottles) will set you back $65. Keen to try it out? Order your first bottles here.

dirty lemon water I Spent $65 on Lemon Water, and Heres Why

One week (six doses) of Dirty Lemon Raw Detox Costs $65. Photo: Dirty Lemon