Second Day Hairstyles That Are Way Better Than a Blowout

Second Day Hairstyles That Are Way Better Than a Blowout
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Sometimes we just have those days when freshly washed and coiffed hair is simply out of the question. As much as we’d like to pretend that waking up on time, styling our hair to a tee, and turning heads with our luscious locks is completely doable every day, the reality usually seems to be a bit more grim. Whether you’re sleeping late or you simply wake up and want to take the easy way out with your hair, knowing how to style second day hair is important. Plus, if you’re like us and you skip a few days between shampoo, you really need to have the styling down pat.

In an effort to give you simple, easy hairstyles that don’t sacrifice on cool factor, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite looks for second (or third!) day hair. From messy braids to textured waves, we’ve got you covered.

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It seems these days that with side braids, the messier, the better. Once you've made a side braid, start gently pulling it apart  so that pieces start to come loose and the braid looks fuller. You really can't go wrong here, so pull away!

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The best part about this low, twisted chignon is that it requires sleek strands in order to pull off the polished look. If you're rocking second-day locks, your hair's natural oils will help the style to look even better. Once your hair is placed in a low ponytail, begin twisting the hair all the way down to the root, then create a spiral. Secure with bobby pins and you're good to go!


There's nothing quite like a good crown braid. Two low side braids bobby-pinned onto the crown of your head is all you'll need to do for this simple yet elegant look.

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Low-laying hairline braids have been a huge trend lately, and they're especially perfect if you have bangs that won't cooperate. The trick here is to grab hair further back from your hairline than you normally would so that the braid sits in front of your hairline, rather than just behind it like a regular French braid.

Photo: Matteo Scarpellini

Sleek, low ponytails will be your best friend if you're sporting unwashed hair. Wrap a section of your hair around the base of the pony to hide the elastic, then tuck in the ends and secure with a bobby pin. 

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Glam waves are still a possibility with second day hair, and the curl actually even holds a bit better when hair is naturally oily. Wrap hair over the barrel of a one-inch curling iron going in the same direction all the way around the head. When you're done, brush the curls out and shape them with your fingers so that your hair is forming one cohesive set of waves.

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Messy buns used to be  the lazy girl's go-to for a bad hair day, but lately they've become an art. One of the best ways to make it look more "chic" than "messy gym stye" is to first pull your hair into a high pony, then shape the bun with your hands. Finally, secure the bun with bobby pins. Pull out a few pieces of face-framing fringe, and voilà!


Similar to the glam waves, these simple "messy" waves can be done  a number of ways. For starters, braid your hair at night before you go to bed so that you can wake up with easy, piece-y waves. If you're more the styling tool type, wrap small sections of hair around a curling iron in opposite directions and fluff with your fingers for an effortlessly pretty look. 

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