Dior Beauty’s New Cosmopolite Collection Gets The Taylor Swift Treatment

Sable Yong

Peter Phillips just dropped his first color collection, Cosmopolite, as the Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup – you may know him from his years of work with another pretty well-known brand, Chanel. Not to anyone’s surprise, jewel-toned colors in super-shine finishes are what’s on the menu for Fall 2015 for Dior. The brand debuted a brief but day-dreamy video that shows you just how this metallic collection dazzles—it may even herald the return of blue eyeshadow. After the fashion house’s recent appointment of Rihanna as their latest muse (that disco ball dress!), we thought we’d gotten our fill of sparkles and couture. Turns out, not quite yet!

Cosmopolite includes two eyeshadow palettes, six “Fluid” eyeshadow colors, three cheek colors, six lip colors, four nail colors, and an illuminating face powder—all of which are packed with chromatic elements for maximum color impact and reflection. Why swatch when you can look at how sumptuously this color wears on the model in the release video… which bears a certain resemblance to a highly “stylized” Taylor Swift music viddy.

Phillips worked with film director Pierre Debusschere to showcase the multi-faceted beauty of his collection, using unique lighting schemes with names like “scanning light” and “moving mirror light” which give this amazingly surreal transition effect. What better way to show off a metallic makeup collection than with an expert light manipulator that literally makes it seem like the makeup causes you to dazzle – since that’s what we truly want all makeup to do for us? After all, so much of beauty is just finding your light, right? After watching this clip, all we know is that “strobing” has a lot of catching up to do.

Cosmopolite will be released this August as a limited edition collection, naturally, so don’t pause too long if you’re on the fence about wearing this unapologetically dazzling collection (but why would you?).

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Courtesy of Dior Beauty