Did Snooki Inspire This Vogue Russia Beauty Editorial?

Did Snooki Inspire This Vogue Russia Beauty Editorial?
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It’s no secret that Snooki of the Jersey Shore‘s number one priority when it comes to beauty is a deep, dark tan, even though I’d characterize her coloring as “orange” rather than “bronzed.” While GTL is her entire life’s philosophy and a joke to the rest of the universe, I dare someone to tell her that she doesn’t look goodshe obviously won’t believe it.

It seems like Vogue Russia is not-so-subtly poking fun at the over-tanned “Snookis” of the world in its new May 2011 beauty editorial, shot by Jamie Nelson and starring Kate Netolicka. The model is completely fried from all of the fake and bake, and the gold lam and gaudy jewelry she wears to complement the tan complete the perfect get-up for a night out at Karma. I do appreciate the bedazzled goggles and creative placement of the tanning stickers, though.

Do you think the Jersey Shore aesthetic inspired this editorial?

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue