News: Dianna Agron’s Beauty Secrets; What Does Your Horoscope Smell Like?

Alle Connell
dianna agron beauty secrets

Photo: Rabbani and Solimene Photography/Getty Images

When Dianna Agron talks beauty, we listen—and she’s sharing everything, from how she maintains her signature blonde hair to the best way to apply a face mask (hint: involves wine, which basically makes her our beauty hero). [Elle]

If your star sign was a fragrance, what would it smell like? Now you can find out: Demeter has released a line of horoscope-inspired perfumes, and they seem really interesting. While sandalwood for Virgos seems like an excellent pairing, we can’t help feeling a little sorry for Capricorn, whose fragrance is…dirt. [Allure]

All the times Beyonce’s hair was absolutely perfect—in gifs. If you only read one story today, you should make it this one. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Krysten Ritter, starring in the upcoming Netflix series Jessica Jones, talks about life, love and her upcoming new show (co-starring the magnificent David Tennant). We’ve loved her ever since Veronica Mars, and we cannot wait to see her gorgeous dark hair back on TV! [Marvel]