News: Diane Kruger’s Shimmery Eyeshadow; Tyra Banks’ Amazing Makeup Wipes

Victoria Moorhouse
diane kruger eyeshadow

Photo: Taylor Hill /

Matte may be having a moment, but Diane Kruger reminded us that shimmery makeup should never be forgotten. The actress wore a creamy, shimmery shadow dabbed in the inner corners of her eyes, a technique that made her eyes pop, and surprisingly, paired incredibly well with her glossy pink lip. [Getty]

If you’re a makeup wipe lover, you might want to give Tyra Banks‘ brand new version a shot. One editor (who’s seen her fair share of life-changing beauty innovations, we may add) swears they’re worth a shot. [StyleCaster]

Could wearing heels on the reg be making your calves bigger? Not quite, but according to a study, there are some side-effects worth knowing about. [Byrdie]

Wind down tonight with this pumpkin face mask DIY from celebrity facialist Joanna Vargas. [InStyle]