News: Diane Kruger’s Fitness and Diet Secrets, H&M’s New Beauty Line

Victoria Moorhouse
diane kruger pink lipstick


Diane Kruger‘s approach to wellness and beauty deserves an applause. The actress broke down exactly how she exercises to build strength and confidence, her cooking philosophy, plus her feelings on beauty sleep. Get this: Diane tries to bank a solid 9 hours each night. #RoleModel. [The Coveteur]

The duck face has seen its day. Celebs are trying out a new (infinitely more flattering) pose on the red carpet called the “fish gape.” Get on board. [Marie Claire]

H&M has launched its first beauty collection, complete with body care, color cosmetics, and hair care. And with 700 new buys on the market, not spending your entire paycheck on products is going to be a struggle. [StyleCaster Beauty]

Sure her shoes are ah-mazing, but you’ve got to give Sarah Jessica Parker credit for her stunning updos. Take a look back at some of her best hairstyles ever. []

Rihanna is about to have you busting out that purple lipstick…yet again. Take a look at her latest lilac look. [Vogue]