Diamonds are a Nail’s Best Friend


Essie and Judith Ripka have collaborated to create three limited edition nail colors for fall, the formulas of which are infused with nothing less than diamond dust for doubtless sparkle. Diamond dust painted onto our nails? That is glamorous and exciting and all, but it gets even better: a sapphire, emerald, or a diamond are hidden inside three of these bottles, awaiting discovery by three very lucky nail-polish lovers. (Sorry Sally Hansen, that trumps your Hard As Diamonds line, for sure.)

The three shades are the perfect fusion of fun, fresh Essie and the Grand Madame of Gemstones herself, Judith Ripka: Heart My JR Jewels is a deep maroon, vampy yet urbane; Put A Ripka Ring On It is a pale, soft ballet pink, while Queen of Hearts is bright and vivacious. We always prefer a polish that gives expensive jewels.

Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka, $15, at

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