Trend Alert: Diamond Eyebrows Are Now a Thing

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Photo: IMaxTree

Eyebrow trends are never-ending these days. It’s as if every time we open Instagram, some new brow trend has taken over our feeds. To be honest though, we have to applaud the creativity people have when it comes to finding new ways to style those two face-framing features. And this time, we actually kind of like the trend: diamond brows.

The new look involves tiny diamonds spiraled toward the outer edges of the brows, and since it’s not too crazy over-the-top (hello, braided brows, anyone?) we actually could see ourselves wearing this on a fun GNO. And we aren’t the only ones. Dozens of comments on Instagram photos of the diamond brow praise the new trend for kicking out the most recent brow trend—the squiggle—and truthfully, that one had to go. One woman even tags her friend to say she’s going to be wearing it the next time they go out. Maybe I should pair up with them for that GNO.

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The bedazzled brow spiral can range any length along the brow, which means you’re in control of how it turns out. You can choose to only add a tiny spiral toward the end, like angelicbeautyxo did below, or bling out the whole damn brow like bronya_h. Whatever you choose, the diamond brow could definitely be your friend this fall. I’m envisioning pairing mine with blown-out blush eyeshadow and glossy lips while I dance to’70s disco all night long.