Desi Perkins’ Own Struggles With Hyperpigmentation Inspired Her First Skincare Product

Elizabeth Denton
Desi Perkins’ Own Struggles With Hyperpigmentation Inspired Her First Skincare Product
Photo: Dezi Skin. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Since 2013, Desi Perkins has been creating YouTube videos for her millions of fans who watch her nighttime skincare routine, shopping hauls and makeup tutorials. She was one of the first big Latinx YouTubers and has collaborated with numerous successful makeup brands on collaborations that sell out quickly. As does her eyewear line, Dezi. So, it makes sense skincare would be next on her entrepreneurial journey. Dezi Skin’s first launch, a vitamin C, is here. Prepare to be impressed.

“Even though I entered into the beauty world with makeup, I have always understood the importance of skincare,” Perkins tells STYLECASTER. “As my career started to grow, it became increasingly important to be transparent with my followers and show them more of my authentic self. This meant showing them my face without makeup and also exposing them to my everyday life, not just the glamourous parts.” The more she showed her true self, the more important skincare became in her life.

“While I do love makeup, there is power in loving myself without it and it became clear to me that I wanted other people to experience the same love for their skin. So two years ago, I finally decided to go for it!” she adds. I know what you’re thinking: another celebrity/influencer skincare line. But Perkins is taking this seriously and putting real thought and innovation behind her products. She’s not afraid of a saturated market.

“I think it’s important to offer consumers products and brands that are created by diverse people,” she says. “I hope that other women and POC feel like they have more power to choose products that are created by people that look like them. I’m joining the list of female POC founders that is still way too short in my opinion!”

dezi skin

Dezi Skin.

The first product, Claro Que C – Vitamin C Glow Serum, was inspired by her own skincare struggles. “Being Latina, my skin is naturally more melanated and I have struggled with hyperpigmentation and dark spots in the past,” she says. “I also used to struggle a lot with acne scars, which can be tricky to get rid of.” She found the winning combo to treat these issues is vitamin C, chemical exfoliants and sunscreen.

Claro Que C (of course in Spanish) contains 15 percent pure vitamin C to fight the effects of free radicals and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as dark spots and hyperpigmentation. There’s also anti-aging ethyl ascorbic acid to brighten skin, Green plum to reduce redness and even skin tone, as well as what she calls “Dezi Youth Juice,” a blend of Mexican plum fruit, dragon fruit, acai berry, tamarind, mango, soursop, guava and avocado extracts.

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dezi skin vitamin C

Dezi Skin.

You know what’s inside but here’s what’s not. Claro Que C is made without fragrance, parabens, gluten and triclosan, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free. Perkins wants you to fit this right into your skincare routine for your most radiant skin ever.

“My favorite way to use the serum is in my morning routine,” she says. “I cleanse my face, apply the serum and then apply sunscreen.” She calls the texture “amazing” with “a little bit of body when you pump it onto your finger or cheek.” It also truly does melt into the skin. (I tried it!)

I can’t wait to see what else comes from Dezi Skin.

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