Dewy Me Up


Under the premise that moisture is the key to younger looking skin and, therefore, that any anti-aging method must first start with deep hydration, new skin care brand Luxtural, has just launched a deep hydrating facial mist: Mystique Fountain.

Using pure pacific rainwater collected before ever coming into contact with potential toxins, Mystique Fountain combines cutting-edge cosmetology with holistic medicinal techniques for some serious facial hydration. Not only does Mystique Fountain instantly moisturize your skin, but also it purports to help your skin retain the moisture it already has and even aid your skin in drawing more moisture from the air. Plus, with microencapsulated anti-aging components including seaweed and peptides, this mist has antioxidant properties as well.

I think we’ve found the fountain of youth.

Luxtural Mystique Fountain, $78, at

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