There’s an Affordable Alternative for Selena Gomez’s Favorite 24K Gold Eye Patches & They’re Even Cheaper RN

There’s an Affordable Alternative for Selena Gomez’s Favorite 24K Gold Eye Patches & They’re Even Cheaper RN
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After a night of restlessness or in the midst of a hectic week, the last thing you want to worry about are dark circles or puffy under eyes. Apparently, there’s a foolproof way to get rid of these annoyances in just 20 minutes. Earlier this year, everyone’s favorite new TikTok darling, Selena Gomez, shared her multi-step skincare routine that added up to $548. Although we all love skincare as much as Gomez, not everyone has access to a celeb-budget, which is why I’m always on the hunt for grade A alternatives.

One of the products included in Gomez’s skincare line up was the Peter Thomas Roth’s Hydra Gel Eye Patches that are infused with 24K gold. These eye patches retail for $75 for a pack of 60
, which means if you’re planning on using them nightly, you’ll be shelling out nearly $100 every two months. In order to keep your under eyes glowing without having to get a second job, allow me to introduce you to this similar option (which happens to be 20 percent off
right now) that routinely gets 4.8 out of 5 stars from happy shoppers.

Like the Peter Thomas Roth eye patches, this Amazon find is also infused with 24K
pure gold, along with other skin-soothing ingredients; the patches are packed with glycerin and collagen
so that when they’re applied to your skin, it gets a boost in elasticity and water retention. Glycyrrhiza uralensis extract (a.k.a. licorice extract) helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, too. All you have to do is pop a pair of these eye patches on for 10 to 15 minutes before removing and gently tapping in any remaining serum.

24K Gold Eye Mask Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Treatment

Courtesy of Dermora Store.

24K Gold Eye Mask Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles Treatment

One Amazon shopper wrote: “I have hit the jackpot with this! I have truly looked for and tried everything under the sun for the dark circles and bags under my eyes, and to find something that actually does work makes me so very happy!” They added, “It’s like a magic eraser for your eyes.”

The jar of patches also comes with a small spatula so you can easily remove the product without having to touch it with your bare hands. And if you want an extra cooling effect, keep these patches in the fridge like other shoppers recommend. “I keep the tub in the refrigerator, and love to apply them chilled after a long bath,” wrote one shopper. “Under my eyes and near crows feet feel soft and hydrated after using. They also feel wonderful after a day out in the hot sun,” they added.

Not only are they ideal for using before big days at work, prior to nights out or ahead of events where you want to look and feel like your best self, they’re simple to use, too. The patches are designed to stay in place, so you can go about your day as normal while you use them. Customers also love that the under eye patches
remain irritation-free on their sensitive skin.

If you’ve had your eye on 24K gold patches
ever since Gomez came out with her skincare routine, now’s your chance to try them out for yourself for an affordable price, especially since Amazon is offering a 20 percent off with every order. Now, excuse us while we stock up on this pack of 20 patches