This Balm and Oil Combo Is a Lifesaver for Women Who Don’t Wax Below the Belt

This Balm and Oil Combo Is a Lifesaver for Women Who Don’t Wax Below the Belt
Photo: Allison Kahler

I’m about to get real personal in the name of beauty. Waxing below the belt is not my cup of tea. Despite being offered countless complimentary sessions, I’ve almost always said no. It’s not that the pain scares me because I’ve got enough body piercings to prove otherwise. But having someone that I hardly know all up in my business is just plain uncomfortable. And the few times that I have tried it, severe irritation (and way too many ingrown hairs) soon followed.

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Plus, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that having pubic hair is nothing to be embarrassed about, especially since it functions as a barrier against bacteria, while also helping to regulate body temps and prevent skin-to-skin friction, among other things. Ultimately, whether a woman chooses to embrace her pubes or not is a personal choice. I fall somewhere in the middle. I’m not going commando, but I’m also not letting hair stick out the sides of my underwear; grooming is key. At the same time, shaving cream has never been my jam because conditioner works just fine, which saves me money in the long run.

But when I got the chance to use DeoDoc Intimate Skincare, a woman-owned (!!!) intimate care brand, I figured now was the time to consider converting. I’m officially in love with the shaving foam, but what I’m really obsessed with using every day are a post-shaving balm and calming oil. Here’s the 411 on both:

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The Name: DeoDoc After Shave Balm and Calming Intimate Oil

The Price: $19.50 and TBD. The Calming Oil won’t be available until June 2018.

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The Perks: So, after using the brand’s pre-shave oil (which helps the soften the hair and skin) and shaving foam, I apply one or two pumps of the balm all over. It’s free of alcohol, which immediately put me at ease, because who wants alcohol near their vagina?! Also, anyone who shaves at home can attest to the incessant itching that occurs days after. What I love about this lotion is that it not only feels cool and soothing, it also gets rid of that irritation.

According to Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi, founders of DeoDoc Intimate Skincare, that’s because “the After-Shave Balm contains Naringenin which soothes skin. It is also capable of modulating skin reactivity to help restore the outer skin barrier while reducing redness.” So, yea, no nasty-looking red bumps to worry about either!

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And after a few weeks, I noticed that it inhibited growth, too, thanks to an ingredient called Chelidonine. “It is a highly purified natural plant molecule that regulates the production inflammatory mediators which stimulate hair growth; therefore, inhibiting hair growth.” Before using this product, I felt the need to groom every week. Now, I do it maybe two times a month.

The calming oil, which is a fragrance-free blend of soothing super oils, also keeps itching at bay and keeps me feeling fresh; especially while I’m menstruating. The chamomile in the blend calms the skin, while coconut and almond oil relieve dryness, which is what causes itching in the first place.

All in all, I’d say both of these products are definitely worth the pretty penny. Purchase the After-Shave Balm here and circle back when the Calming Oil officially launches next month.