Demi Lovato’s Skin Care Routine Includes a Product Just for Her Freckles

Demi Lovato’s Skin Care Routine Includes a Product Just for Her Freckles
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I’m convinced that Demi Lovato’s skin is permanently airbrushed because she literally glows on the red carpet. As it turns out, she doesn’t have secret skin powers, but she does have the help of a dedicated esthetician she sees every six weeks on average.

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Renée Rouleau, who’s been working with Lovato for years, recently shared the singer’s entire skin care routine with PopSugar and revealed that she’s insanely dedicated to making her skin a priority, no matter the circumstances; no surprises there, given her gorgeous selfie game.

“I just think it’s unique that she’s so committed to caring for her skin and making it a priority,” she said. “All these years — even through the struggles of her personal life, which she has publicly spoken about, she was still seeing me. Putting in the work.”

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There’s a slew of tips and products worth writing down, including freckle maintenance, which we had no idea was a thing until now. Demi loves showing off her natural specks on the ‘Gram, but is careful to use products that will keep them from turning into full-on dark spots.

“She doesn’t want them getting too dark — what happens with age is [freckles] take on a life of their own and transition and mature into brown spots and get darker. Skin tone isn’t as even.”

Renee Rouleau Vitamin C & E Treatment

Renee Rouleau

So, to combat this, she does the same thing someone with hyperpigmentation or discoloration would do–up her Vitamin C intake. Rouleau has Lovato use her very own Vitamin C & E Treatment, as “it’s a gentle way to suppress melanin activity.” It also helps fade pigment without leaving her overall complexion uneven. She also swears by Rouleau’s Triple Berry Smoothing Peel after long flights.

“Those products just help keep her freckles maintained,” she says. Excuse us while we check out Rouleau’s entire product line.

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