Demi Lovato Picked Red Jelly Nails for Her Engagement Mani

Elizabeth Denton
Demi Lovato Picked Red Jelly Nails for Her Engagement Mani
Photo: AP.

If you knew your hand would be photographed and the images splashed on every website all the world, how would you do your manicure? Some might choose a classic nude but not a pop star. Demi Lovato’s engagement nails are bold and bright—just like the singer herself. Lovato announced her engagement on Instagram on July 22 with a series of photos of her and her now-fiancé, Max Ehrich, at the beach. She looks absolutely beautiful and so happy.

“When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his ‘little partner’—something that might’ve sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent,” Lovato wrote. “To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner.” We’re not sure if she knew it was happening or if the proposal was a big surprise but either way, she looks ready for photos. She’s wearing a white long-sleeved dress and her hair is down in loose beach waves.

When it comes to engagement photos though, it’s all about that ring and this one is large, to say the least. She showed it off wearing red coffin nails with that trendy jelly finish. She recently tried another transparent jelly style with her “alien nails.” The sheerness of the nails makes the red hue look fresh and new and less “classic.”

Natalie Minerva, founder of Nail Swag in Downtown Los Angeles, took credit for the creation over on the salon’s Instagram account. She wrote that she didn’t know these would be Lovato’s engagement nails but it’s possible the singer didn’t either. Congrats, Demi! We’re so happy for you.