Demi Lovato Dyed Her Blonde Hair Brown

Demi Lovato Dyed Her Blonde Hair Brown
Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato has changed her hair’s cut and color more times than your teenage little sister who is trying to “find herself” in a bottle of Manic Panic. But unlike with your little sister’s makeovers, which usually destroy the bathroom, Lovato’s hair changes give us life, namely in the form of excellent hair inspo. And, this week, Lovato gave us a double-whammy of happiness when she dyed her hair bright blonde early last week, and then back to a chocolate brown this week.

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And, as always, she looks freaking phenomenal. The 24-year-old singer first announced her new hair change over the weekend on social media, posting a photo to her Instagram Stories with her newly darkened hair and the caption “back to brown,” next to a laugh-cry emoji.

This unexpected hair change came just a few days after Lovato dyed her hair bright blonde, setting the internet into a frenzy of OMGs. Though we have no idea why she abandoned the beachy blonde and went back to brown so quickly, we’re definitely not surprised, considering how frequently Lovato likes to change up her look. (We miss you, half-shaved hair.)

We’re sure, though, that by the time we even publish this story, Lovato’s hair will be on its way to a different style. And until then, we’ll wait with bated breath.

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