Deluxe is Red Hot


Dazed and Confused’s Matthew McConaughey summed up my feelings perfectly when he declared through his bloodshot, squinty eyes, “I looove those red heads.” My obsession began when I set eyes on Rachel Hurd-Wood’s mesmorizing red locks in the film adaptation of Patrick Süskind’s novel Perfume. The fixation became concrete last week when model/actress Jessica Joffe was in the office for a fitting and I couldn’t stop staring at her perfect strawberry curls. The next week, I happened to meet a natural red head, or so I thought. I complimented her on her hair and she quickly revealed her secret (ah! I just love when people aren’t coy about their beauty tricks): Deluxe Hair Salon in Williamsburg. I did some research and discovered that Joy Polinta, formerly of Bumble and Bumble, opened the salon in 2004. The seemingly natural red head touted Joy’s skills so emphatically that I decided to give her a call. I wanted to find out how one goes about obtaining this alluring hair color.

Joy says, “the most important aspect of going red is to find the right shade for your hair and skin tone.” She added that copper and orange-based reds look the most natural, especially if you have fine skin. Because red fades the fastest out of all hair colors, it’s essential to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, preferably one made for colored hair. Also, at Deluxe, they seal in the color with a gloss. She explained that glosses are great since they are semi-permanent and will revive your color between touch-ups, and if you’re not sure that red is the right color for you, you can try a gloss first. Which is right in line with Joy’s thinking when she says she “would never discourage someone from going red- it’s kind of like blond, you gotta try it once.”

211 N. 4th St.,
nr. Roebling St.