Degrading Lynx Deodorant Ads Banned in the UK

Amanda Elser

The British Advertising Standards Authority has banned yet another ad in the UK. They deemed the Lynx (apparently the British version of Axe) advertising campaign degrading to women. And while we normally think that the ASA is a bit harsh on British ads, we have to say that we kind of agree with this most recent decision.

The ads featured pin-up model Lucy Pinder barring a lot of cleavage with provocative tag lines. The ASA said: “We considered that the various activities that Ms.Pinder carried out were presented in a sexually provocative way, and that alongside the focus on Ms. Pinder’s cleavage … were likely to be seen as gratuitous and to objectify women.We considered that was emphasised by the text ‘Can she make you lose control?’ … and the invitation to ‘Play with Lucy’, which we considered would also be seen as degrading to women.We therefore concluded that the ads were likely to cause serious and widespread offense.We therefore considered that the poster would be seen to make a link between purchasing the product and sex with women and in so doing would be seen to objectify women.”

Do you agree with their decision?

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